Microsoft Surface Announced

MicrosoftAs recently rumoured, Microsoft announced a self-built tablet yesterday adding to their current hardware line which includes mice, keyboards and the XBox 360.

Branded the Microsoft Surface it is available as both Windows RT, arm powered 32 or 64GB memory, or as the Windows 8 Pro, powered by an Intel i5 and with either 64 or 128GB of memory with both versions coming with built in Micro SD slot for more, exchangeable memory;

Microsoft Surface

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Unknown Error Creating Demo Company

Microsoft Dynamics GPThis is another mea culpa post; I've been doing enough of them I'm thinking of giving them their own tag.

I was created a virtual machine with the Fabrikam, Inc. demo company in it. When GP Utilities was processing I got this error pop up;

Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities - An unknown error occurred when initialising tyhe conversion.

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