How To Rebuild GL00105 Using PSTL

Microsoft Dynamics GPA while ago I posted a script that could be used to fix a corrupt Account Index Master (GL00105). However, the Toolkit within the Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) can be used to do the same thing without resorting to a custom script.

To use the Toolkit to correct GL00105. open PSTL and then select Toolkit in the System Tools section and click next;

Professional Services Tools Library

The first thing on the next screen is a caution that a backup of all databases should be done before running the toolkit (backup both the company and system databases). There are two choices on the next screen the first of which is Rebuild GL00105;


Confirm that GL00105 should be rebuilt;

GL00105 Rebuild

A warning message that all users should be out of the system will be displayed along with a requirement to confirm the rebuild should be run;

Microsoft Dynamics GP - Before continuing please verify that all users are out of the system. This process could result in damaged data if another user is actively using the system. Do you wish to continue?

Once the rebuild has completed a confirmation dialog showing the number of records in both the Account Master (GL00100) and Account Index Master (GL00105) will be displayed;

Microsoft Dynamics GP - Rebuild complete. There are 519 records in the GL00100 and 519 records in the GL00105.

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