Apology for Lack of Updates

azurecurveJust a quick update to apologise for the lack of updates.

I’m currently stressing out about a house purchase I’m trying to get through as soon as possible (with concerns I may actually lose the house if it doesn’t exchange soon). For the regular readers out there (I assume there are some) I moved back to the NE in September last year to start a new job as consultant with Perfect Image, specialising in Microsoft Dynamics GP and sidelining in Dynamics CRM, and this is the final step for me to complete the move.

Once the purchase completes and I can stop stressing I’ll get back to posting; I have a backlog of posts not just related to the recently started series of posts on PSTL but also other areas of the system and related products.

Of course, once it does complete I’ll be project managing a renovation which will probably also cause me to stress out but I doubt as much as the purchase is (Bloody Hell I hope not anyway).

Hopefully back soon with some useful posts.