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Microsoft Dynamics GPThe Google-fu is weak with this one (this one being me). I read a post ages ago on the subject of SmartList wildcards which looked like it would be really useful, but then, after I’d forgotton the details, couldn’t find it again no matter what searches I tried.

Then, a couple of days ago, Tim Cruickshank, on the Rose Business Solutions blog, posted a few tips and tricks he’d picked up at Convergence, one of which was SmartList Wildcards.

I’ve since found the original post which turns out to have been from Frank Hamelly on his GP2themax blog.

The wildcards which are available in SmartList are;

% Use as a wildcard for zero or more characters
_ Use as a wildcard for exactly one character
[charlist] Use as a wildcard for any single or multiple characters in a list
[^charlist] Use as a wildcard for any single or multiple characters not in a list

The following screenshot shows the Search window from SmartList filtering Vendors with a name beginning A, B, C or D where the city they’re in does not begin with a C;

SmartList - Search with wildcards

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