Hiding The Fabrikam Demo Company Date Warning

Microsoft Dynamics GPWhen doing sales demos or testing I tend to use the Microsoft supplied demo database to save time on rolling my own.

One annoyance in it is the warning message that is displayed when logging into Fabrikam;

Microsoft Dynamics GP - You have chosen to use the sample company, which provides data that you can use to practice procedures or learn nore about the product. When you use this sample company, the date is automatically set to April 12, 2017.

As David Musgrave explained, back in 2008 (my doesn’t time fly), simply add the following to the [General] section in the Dex.ini file (%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2010\Data);


Save the changed file away, restart GP and when you log into Fabrikam; no message.

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5 thoughts on “Hiding The Fabrikam Demo Company Date Warning

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  2. Comment says:

    Hey Ian

    The Support Debugging Tool also has this option in the Dex.ini Settings window.


  3. Comment says:

    Hi David,

    I didn’t know that; I really need to explore more of the functionality of your Support Debugging Tool.


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