Cashbook Bank Management – Cash Receipt Entry Oddity

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was reviewing a specification for some development in Microsoft Dynamics GP yesterday and encountered an oddity on one of the supplied screenshots. I was going to add it to the issues list and pass it back to the developer but decided to check the window in GP so I could outline the exact requirements.

It was then that I found the screenshot actually looked exactly like the window.

In Cash Receipts Entry (Transactions » Financial » Bank Management » Cash Receipts) the buttons on the toolbar are Print, Clear, Apply and Default Last Receipts Info but no Post button as I would have expected;

Cash Receipt Entry

Looking at the window I traced the mouse idly over a few fields and when I moved over the Print button it changed to a Post button;

Cash Receipt Entry

There is no effect on the functionality of the window, the button is always a Post button but merely shows as a Print button until you hover over it (it changes back to a Print button if you move the mouse over the receipt No field.

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4 thoughts on “Cashbook Bank Management – Cash Receipt Entry Oddity

  1. Patrick Roth says:

    You mention that the Print button changes to the “Save” button. Don’t you mean “Post” button as that it what it looks like in the screenshot? Or is it that it looks like “Save” to you however the screen capture finds yet another button “Post”?

  2. Ian Grieve says:

    Hi Patrick,

    I did indeed mean a Post button; I’m used to Save being in the left hand position on the button bar that my fingers kept typing that without me realising. I’ve updated the post above.

    It really has been one of those days.

    Thanks for pointing it out.


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