Update Inventory Item Accounts From CSV

Microsoft Dynamics GPThis script was produced for a client who wanted to bulk update the accounts defined against selected Inventory Items in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2. This particular client did not have Integration Manager so I needed an alternative approach to doing the update.

I could have used a GP Macro to do the job (doing one while recording the macro to create a template to be populated from a CSV using Mail Merge) but it was easier to create a SQL script to do the job directly from the CSV (this is the same view I took for updating the Account Segment Master).

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Lack Of Updates

azurecurveApologies for the lack of updates recently, but I’ve been out of the office over the last couple of weeks for my birthday (I never work it), on client site and then back down to Cheshire for a week to pack the contents of the house I am selling as part of moving to the NE for work.

I’m now back and over this week will post a few SQL scripts I’ve written over the last year or so which you may find useful.