Fixing The Management Reporter Sample Reports Part 2

Microsoft Dynamics GPWell, I return to fixing the Management Reporter sample reports with an, unexpected, part 2. Last week I installed the sample reports into Management Reporter and then found a problem with the sample reports where the Segment didn’t link correctly to the segments in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The same issue exists with the Reporting Trees in the sample reports with the Dimensions column;

The problem is that the segments in the Reports are defined as Segment1, Segment2 and Segment3 but in Microsoft Dynamics GP they are called Division, Account and Department;

As mentioned in the last post, one solution would be to rename the segments in GP, but this would leave names in the demo company which are not descriptive. I therefore chose to use a SQL script to update the ControlRowCriteria table in the Management Reporter database with the descriptive segment descriptions

Below is a script which will do the update on the ControlTreeCriteria table for Segment1 and Segment3 (Segment2 is not used in the Reporting Trees);

   DimensionCode = 'Division'
   DimensionCode = 'Segment1'

   DimensionCode = 'Department'
   DimensionCode = 'Segment3'

Once the above script has been run against the Management Reporter database, opening a Tree Definition will show the Dimensions correctly;

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