Integration Manager Error – You Must Close All Microsoft Dynamics GP Windows

Microsoft Dynamics GPI am in the process of implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP for a new client and am currently testing the static data integrations (chart of accounts, suppliers, customers, stock and so on) using Integration Manager.

I’d successfully run an integration of the chart of accounts which threw out a couple of warnings. After amending the file I realised that GP was no longer showing in the task bar and assumed that I had accidentally closed it. I restarted it and logged into the test company and tried to run the COA integration again and got the following error message;

Integration Manager - You must close all Microsoft Dynamics GP windows in order to run an integration.

I checked GP to make sure there were no open windows tried the COA integration and got the same error, closed it and restarted it to make sure but still got the error. A brief moment of cursing and restarting GP again it suddenly dawned on me what the problem was.

After fixing the warning errors on the COA log file, I’d needed to start GP again and assumed that I’d accidentally closed it without noticing. However, that wasn’t the case; when Integration Manager is running an integration it hides GP from view and, after the COA warnings, for some reason hadn’t made it visible again. It was still running in the background and was causing the error.

Opening Windows Task Manager proved me right and, after killing the process, I was able to start GP again and run the integration successfully. I should have been more alert as the first time I restarted GP I had to remove the dynsa from the User Activity table; this should have served as a cluex4 that there had been a problem with GP beyond it being closed accidentally (especially when I had no memory of closing it).

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    Good answer and worked perfectly

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    Hi Neil,

    Pleased you found the post useful.


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