Changing Open-Year In Financial Statement Reports

Microsoft Dynamics GPIf you’re using the Financial Statements (Reports » Financial » Financial Statements) in Microsoft Dynamics GP you may see a messagesililar to the following after doing a year end;

Cash Flows Screen Output: The year you

If you haven’t modified the report from the GP default then you’ll be able to change it in Quick Financial Setup (Reports » Financial » Quick Financial) quite easily by loading the report and changing the Open year field at the bottom of the window;

Quick Financial Setup

If you see this error message it means you can’t edit it in Quick Financial as it has been modified, or created, in Advanced Financial Reports;

This report was edited in another window and can

To amend the report open Advanced Financial Reports (Reports » Financial » Advanced Financial) and select the report (in this example Cash Flows);

Advanced Financial Reports

In Advanced Financial Report Definition select the Layout button (bottom right) to amend the report layout;

Advanced Financial Report Definition

In the Cash Flows report there are two columns we need to modify the Year in (Current Period and Current YTD). Double click on each of the column headers C2 and C3 in turn and change the year specified in the Balance For section;

Financial Column Definition

After saving the changes, the Cash Flows Financial Statement can be run successfully;

Cash Flows Screen Output

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