Making A Drive Available Over The Remote Desktop Connection

WindowsI needed a colleague to backup and copy a clients Microsoft Dynamics GP System and Company database back to our systems remotely out of standard working hours.

While I may have used FTP or similar if I had control of all software installed on the server, in this case the best way of doing this was to just use the Remote Desktop Connection and a local drive made available and copy the backups to this drive over the connection.

However, the colleague who was going to do this for me out of hours is not from an IT background like I am. He's one of those Mark Polino laments the absence; a qualified accountant who has moved into a role as a Microsoft Dynamics GP consultant.

As he's not from a technical background, there are some things I take for granted which he does not know of. I therefore documented the process of making a drive available over the RDP connection for him and I thought I'd post it up here as I thought it might be useful to others. Continue reading "Making A Drive Available Over The Remote Desktop Connection"