Enabling Email Cheque Remittances For All Suppliers

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn two previous posts I discussed testing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010’s new Email Remittance functionality; first, by setting up creditors with an internal email address and, then, by transferring the email address from the INET1 field to the new EmailToAddress field.

The other script which I used, and forgot to post, was the one which configures all of the creditors, who are not currently configured for email remittances;

DECLARE @EmailMessageID VARCHAR(100)


      PM00200 AS PM (NOLOCK)
      (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM SY04905 SY
            SY.EmailCardID = PM.VENDORID
            SY.EmailDictionaryID = 0
            SY.EmailSeriesID = 4
            SY.MODULE1 = 19
            SY.EmailDocumentID = 6) = 0)

This script assumes you will be using the same Email Message for all creditors and, as always, when running a script, which updates tables, make sure you do a backup first in case of problems.

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