Feature Explained: Account Rollup Enquiry

Microsoft Dynamics GPThis is not a new feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, or even in GP 10, but is a feature that almost no-one I have spoken to uses. This has always left me slightly puzzled as, to me, the Account Rollup Enquiry seems quite a useful tool, which is quite simple to use even for non-technical users, for getting segment-based enquiries for open or historical years.

To create a new Account Rollup (Enquiry » Financial » Account Rollup) enter an Option ID and hit the Modify button; in this case we’re going to step through creating a simple report on the IT Department’s figures;

Account Rollup Enquiry

Once in the Account Rollup Enquiry Options, you can pick the Sort By and the number of columns. There are several types of columns you can create; here we’re going for the simple option of an Actuals, a Budget and a Variance (calculated) column.

Account Rollup Enquiry Options

Enter the columns headers (as shown above) and select the column Type. On the Budget column do a lookup to select the Budget you want to get the data from, in the example the 2011 Master budget is being used. Select a type of Calculated on the Variance column and click the expansion button (the blue arrow pointing right) to open the Account Rollup Enquiry Calculated Column screen;

Account Rollup Enquiry Calculated Column

Build up the calculation, you can build quite complicated calculations if required, but in the example, above, we have entered the simple calculation of Budget – Actuals.

On the Account Rollup Enquiry Options screen a segment restriction of Location = 730 has been added to limit the enquiry down to the IT codes;

Account Rollup Enquiry Options

Once you are happy with the options save them away and you can generate the Rollup Enquiry;

Account Rollup Enquiry with Results

Account Rollups are easy to setup and maintain and can give you quick access to actual to budget comparisons as well as budget to budget comparisons as there is nothing stopping you adding more than one budget column.

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