Dynamics GP Tech Conference 2017: New Features In Workflow

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Microsoft Dynamics GPThis post is part of the series I am doing on the Dynamics GP Tech Conference 2017.

There have been new features in other areas, which I will come back to, but Workflow is sort of “my thing”, so I’m going to mention the new features which are being added to Workflow 4.0 (I apparently missed the boat somewhere on the name change to Workflow 3.0?).

The coming new features are:

  • Reminder emails for Workflow – this is a feature which has been requested of ym by a couple of clients recently, so nice that I’ll be able to go back and tell them it will be in the next version.
  • Copy Workflow Step – nice to see this one added as it was one of my suggestions on MS Connect.
  • Reporting for Workflow – I’m not sure what is coming in this, but it would be nice to have some default reports showing the history of documents as they passed through the Workflow.
  • Payables Transaction Workflow – additional fields
  • PO Workflow Messages – additional fields – there are never enough fields available for the Workflow, so nice to know more will be available by default.
  • Add EFT/Bank Details to Vendor Approval Workflow – if this one is as it sounds, that will be fantastic as so many clients want this functionality. I think it only took so long as EFT isn’t anywhere near as big in the US as it is in the UK.
  • GL Account Workflow Approval – I have a couple of clients who can ditch some customisations with this one. And a few more who will be delighted so see this added.
  • Purchase Receiving Workflow – I have a few customers waiting for this one to be introduced.
  • Purchase Enter/Match Invoice Workflow – as above, a few clients are waiting for this one.

I know we can’t have everything we want, and the above are good additions to Workflow, but I still want more!

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MS Connect Suggestion: Allow Workflow Steps to be Copied

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Microsoft Dynamics GPI am on a bit of a kick with suggestions for improving Workflow 2.0 at the moment and have another MS Connect suggestion for you to vote for.

The Workflow Maintenance window currently has the facility to copy an entire workflow process (including between companies), but does not have the facility to copy a workflow step; many times when I am creating a workflow process with, or for, a client we are creating many steps which only vary in the approver and part of the condition (for example a different site or segment in the account, and it would reduce the effort and time needed if the workflow step could be copied and amended, rather than created from scratch each time.

You can vote for this suggestion here.

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You Cannot Print An Unauthorized Purchase Order

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Microsoft Dynamics GPThe below error message was reported to me by a user performing UAT (User Acceptance Testing) on an implementation of Purchase Order Processing and Workflow 2.0:

Microsoft Dynamics GP - You cannot print an unauthorized purchase order

Microsoft Dynamics GP

You cannot print an unauthorized purchase order

This error was somewhat surprising as it was produced when trying to print a purchase order (PO) which had been converted from a purchase requisition (PR). There was a workflow process on the PR, which had been final approved and the PO created, but there was not a workflow on the PO.

I double checked to make sure that the old Purchase Order Enhancements (POE) Approvals functionality was disabled (it was) as the customer had previously been using this.

It was when I was checking for POE Approvals, that I realised that, as part of the project, we had enabled the PO Commitments part of POE.

The warning message was being produced as the PO line had exceeded the commitment budget value. Loading the PO, clicking the save button, accepting the override of the commitment budget value, reloading the PO and clicking the Print button successfully printed the PO.

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SQL Function To Return Workflow Approval Status

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Microsoft Dynamics GPIf you have been paying any sort of attention, you will know that I do quite a lot of work with the Workflow 2.0 module of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

We have created a number of reports in the past which allows the status of transactions or card going through a Workflow Approval process; to simplify matters somewhat, I created a SQL function which can be called with the Workflow Type Name and the Workflow Business Object Key and have the approval status returned.

CREATE FUNCTION dbo.uf_AZRCRV_GetWorkflowApprovalStatus(@WorkflowTypeName CHAR(50),@WfBusObjKey CHAR(20))
Created by Ian Grieve of azurecurve|Ramblings of a Dynamics GP Consultant (http://www.azurecurve.co.uk)
This code is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Int).

Returns Workflow Approval status of a specified workflow item.

Requires input parameters of WorkflowTypeName and WfBusObjKey

Valid Workflow Type Names are (as of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2):
	General Ledger Batch Approval
	Receivables Batch Approval
	Payables Batch Approval
	Payables Transaction Approval
	Purchase Order Approval
	Purchase Requisition Approval
	Vendor Approval
	Employee Profile Approval
	Employee Skills Approval
	Payroll Direct Deposit Approval
	Payroll Timecard Approval
	Payroll W4 Approval
	Expense Report Approval
	Timesheet Approval
	Smartlist Designer View Approval
			CASE WHEN ['Workflow History'].Workflow_Action = 1 THEN
			WHEN ['Workflow History'].Workflow_Action = 2 THEN
			WHEN ['Workflow History'].Workflow_Action = 3  THEN
			WHEN ['Workflow History'].Workflow_Action = 4 THEN
				'Task Complete'
			WHEN ['Workflow History'].Workflow_Action = 5 THEN
			WHEN ['Workflow History'].Workflow_Action = 6 THEN
			WHEN ['Workflow History'].Workflow_Action = 7 THEN
			WHEN ['Workflow History'].Workflow_Action = 8 THEN
			WHEN ['Workflow History'].Workflow_Action = 9 THEN
			WHEN ['Workflow History'].Workflow_Action = 10 THEN
				'Final Approved'
			WF30100 AS ['Workflow History']
			WFI10002 AS ['Workflow Master']
					['Workflow Master'].WorkflowInstanceID = ['Workflow History'].WorkflowInstanceID
			['Workflow Master'].Workflow_Type_Name = @WorkflowTypeName
			['Workflow Master'].WfBusObjKey = @WfBusObjKey
			['Workflow History'].DEX_ROW_ID DESC)
	,'Not Submitted')


This view can be called from a SmartList created using either SmartList Designer, SmartList Builder, via a Reporting Services or Excel Report or any other type of report.

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AD Group Names Have Maximum Lengths If Used in Workflow 2.0

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Microsoft Dynamics GPI am working with a few different clients on projects to implement Workflow 2.0 and came across an issue with one of them when selecting an AD Group as an approver. I was able to reproduce the issue on my demo machine so knew it was not a client environment specific issue.

When the lookup was performed on the group name, the group was returned, but the login name was truncated:

Workflow User Selection

Continue reading → AD Group Names Have Maximum Lengths If Used in Workflow 2.0

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Workflow 2.0 Requires Display Names for AD Groups Used as Approver

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Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GP supports the use of both Active Directory Groups and Users as approvers, but there is a minor catch in the creation of groups which it is easy to stumble over. If you create the group as usual via the Active Directory Users and Computers applet you set a Group name and Group name (pre-Windows 2000):

Active Directory Users and Computers - New Object Group

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When exec wfDeployCLRAssemblies Just Isn’t Enough

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Microsoft Dynamics GPI’ve posted a few times about errors in Workflow requiring the wfDeployCLRAssemblies stored procedure to be run again (1 2 3), but the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog has posted an article about how this is sometimes not sufficient to resolve the problem and the procedures, functions and assemblies deployed by the wfDeployCLRAssemblies stored procedure need to be deleted.

To this end, the blog post contains a series of scripts which need to be run before thew wfDeployCLRAssemblies stored procedure is executed. There are versions of the script for Microsoft Dynamics 2013 R2, 2015 (including 2015 R2) and 2016 (including 2016 R2).

If your problem still isn’t fixed, then a support case would need to be raised.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow 2.0 Second Edition Now Available on Amazon

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Microsoft Dynamics GPMy sixth book is now available to buy in both eBook format from azurecurve Publishing and paperback from CreateSpace, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

This is an update to the original Workflow 2.0 book I wrote a couple of years ago. This edition includes coverage of the new functionality introduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, a new chapter on adding table joins to workflow to allow additional conditions to be created, and some chapters and sections have been rewritten to either expand or make clearer the topics being covered.

Dynamics GP includes a variety of tools and modules to assist in controlling processes and data; one of the major modules for this was the Dynamics Workflow module. However, this module had major flaws which very much limited its usefulness; it was slow, clunky and difficult to install, configure and maintain.

eBook Paperback
azurecurve Publishing Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk

Continue reading → Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow 2.0 Second Edition Now Available on Amazon

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MS Connect Suggestion: Allow Additional Fields to be Avalable to Workflow Notification Emails

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Microsoft Dynamics GPMy fourth Workflow suggestion has been submitted to Microsoft Connect for you to vote on.

The fields available to the Workflow email notifications are very limited, and there is no front end way of making them available. I’d like to see functionality added to Workflow Maintenance to flag fields as available to the notification emails; this would include fields from any tables available to the workflow type, including from an additional table joined to the workflow type through the enhanced Query Editor.

You can vote for this suggestion here.

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Purchase Order Approval Workflow Automatically Rejected

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Microsoft Dynamics GPA client reported a problem with their PO Approval Workflow process failing whenever a PO was submitted for approval. As soon as the Submit button was pressed, the document was rejected, but did not show a user:

Purchase Order Entry

Continue reading → Purchase Order Approval Workflow Automatically Rejected

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