Majority Of Missing Posts Restored

Site NewsFollowing my moment of recklessness the other night, I have been able to find a much more recent backup file which has now been restored. All posts up to the start of May are back, and I have kept the ones I entered in May.

I will still be working to restore the missing posts I have entered in May; at this point I am down only six posts which I will try to get back. The SQL Installation ones I may need to rewrite, but I still have the screenshots so that shouldn’t be too difficult.

One Moment Of Sheer Recklessness

Site NewsOne moment of sheer recklessness tonight saw me accidentally delete the database for this site.

To further compound the error, the most recent backup I can find is from the end of December (December 21 to be exact).

I have restored this database and will be adding back in the missing posts which were syndicated to the Dynamics GP Community and also the Perfect Image Dynamics GP site.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to recover the comments, pings or trackbacks which were received after the 21st December 2014. I will also go through all of the pages looking for missing changes I have made elsewhere.

Off the top of my head the only items I remember changing was the links page where I will have added Beat Bucher and Mahmoud al Saudis blogs to the MVP section; if you do see anything which looks wrong or has missing content, please use the Contact Us form to let me know.

Finally, please learn from my error and make regular backups of your site; and also keep a track of those backups so you know where they are and can access them quickly.

azurecurve Included in Dynamics101 Top 25 Dynamics GP Blogs

Microsoft Dynamics GPThe recently launched Dynamics 101 training site has announced their first annual list of Top 25 Dynamics GP Sites.

The list includes the usual suspects of Victoria Yudin, Leslie Vail, Mark Polino, Mariano Gomez, David Musgrave and more.

Click the image below to see the rest of the list:

Top 25 Dynamics GP Blogs

Recent Lack Of Posts Down To New Project

Microsoft Dynamics GPIf you’re a regular visitor then you’ll have noticed a distinct lack of posts in August. The reason is that I have been working on a side project which should come to fruition in the middle of September. I’ll be trying to restore normal service before then, but if not it will be back to normal posting from mid-September.

The side project is Microsoft Dynamics GP related and I hope it will be of use to the community; details will be supplied nearer to the release date.

New azurecurve|Ramblings of a Dynamics GP Consultant Theme Launched

As you can see, I have introduced a new theme on this site. Admittedly it is pretty similar to my last one (azure on white), but the previous one was based on the default 2010 WordPress theme which had become rather dated.

The new one gives me access to some new functionality and brings me up to date. I expect there to be some teething problems over the coming days as I find things that were done a certain way because of the previous theme and which will now look/work differently.

I have also taken the opportunity to remove certain elements from the theme and turn them into plugins (see the Posts Archive as an example although there are more to follow).

Please do let me know both what you think of the new theme and if you encounter any issues or peculiarities in how posts or other items are displayed.

azurecurve Twitter Archive Created

Apparently Twitter only allows you to download the last 3,200 posts you have made. While I am substantially short of this number at present, I thought it might be useful to keep an archive of these posts myself so I always had access to them.

The CMS I am most used to these days is WordPress and I recently came across a plugin and theme from Ozh which allows you to make an archive of your Twitter which looks like the new Twitter. This azurecurve Twitter Archive is now available; it has been themed to look very like my Twitter page but has all the functionality of WordPress.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Financial Management Has Been Published

My second book, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Financial Management has been published and is available now from Packt Publishing.

This is my second book, the first being the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Cookbook, and is the third piece of my work Packt Publishing have released this year (the first being the Microsoft Dynamics GP Techniques Online Leaning Course);

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Financial Management by Ian Grieve

With this book you will:

  • Discover how to improve financial management in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
  • Learn the key financial management modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
  • Improve your abilities with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 to gain a better understanding and control of your business

The modules covered in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Financial Management are:

  • Analytical Accounting
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Budgets
  • PO Commitments
  • Encumbrance Management

You can buy Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Financial Management from here.