Hands On With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2: Link Credit Card Invoices To Original Invoice

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Microsoft Dynamics GPWith the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 it’s time for a series of “hands on” posts where I go through the installation of all of it’s components and also look at the new functionality introduced; the index for this series can be found here.

The eighth Feature of the Day, which I am “hands on” with in this post, was Link Credit Card Invoices To Original Invoice.

To test this feature, I entered, posted and paid an invoice for Attractive Telephone Co. for $1,000:

Payables Transaction Inquiry - Vendor

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MS Connect Suggestion To Rename Five Microsoft Dynamics GP Payables Windows

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Microsoft Dynamics GPMariano, Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP and Dynamics GP Blogster has logged a suggestion for improving Microsoft Dynamics GP on the MS Connect site.

The windows are:

  1. Select Payables Checks -> Build Payments Batch
  2. Edit Payables Check Batch -> Edit Payment Batch
  3. Edit Payables Check -> Edit Vendor Payment
  4. Print Payables Checks -> Print Payment Documents
  5. Post Payables Checks -> Post Payment Documents

Mariano has more details on his blog including screenshots of the windows in question.

Renaming these windows would be a good idea as the current names are misleading and cause confusion for new users of the system. From a partner perspective, it also looks quite bad when demoing Dynamics GP to a prospect; especially when considering that in the UK, virtually no-one uses printed cheques anymore, but instead make payments using EFT.

Please take a look at the suggestion and cast your vote.

I have two hopes; that Microsoft do make this change and that they also change it in the UK language pack.

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MDGP 2016 R1 Feature of the Day: Payables Credit Card Payment Run

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This feature of the day adds a third transaction type to the payment process to allow a payment run to be made by credit card instead of cheque or EFT:

Payables Credit Card Payment Run

The main features of are:

    Option for a computer check batch to be paid by credit card
  • The credit card payment will create an invoice for the credit card vendor
  • A remittance form will print to show the invoices paid

I’ve just been doing an upgrade of a client to Microsoft Dynamics GP and had a discussion around the payment of invoices by credit card. When they upgrade again this feature will, I’m fairly sure, be quite popular with the payments team (unfortunately their next upgrade is probably a year or so away.

I already have my first upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R1 booked in, so I will have to have a chat with them and see if they process many payments on credit card.

Click to show/hide the MDGP 2016 R1 Feature of the Day Series Index

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SQL View For Computer Cheques At Work Status To Check Email Enabled

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Microsoft Dynamics GPWhile onsite with a client recently, I was asked if it was possible to view the payments in a computer checks batch and whether the creditors (vendors) were enabled for emailed remittances.

Out of the box no, but SmartList Designer can be used to do this. I created a new SQL view to get payments at a status of work and, in SmartList Designer, combined it with the remittance enabled view and vendor email addresses view I have previously posted.

I could have used the table in GP, but I find using views in SmartList Designer easier so created the view.


	PM103.BACHNUMB AS 'Batch Number'
	,PM103.VENDORID AS 'Creditor ID'
	,PM2.VENDNAME AS 'Creditor Name'
	,PM2.VADDCDPR AS 'Primary Address'
	,PM2.VADCDTRO AS 'Remit To Address'
	,PM103.DOCDATE AS 'Document Date'
	PM00200 AS PM2


All of these views could have been created natively in SmartList Builder, but by creating them as views I can reuse them in SmartList Designer or any other reporting tool.

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EFT File Format Import/Export Error

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I’ve recently been creating an HSBC Standard 18 BACs file format for a client in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2.

Unfortunately, once I released it to their system, they reported an error with the import where the Creditor’s Cheque Name wasn’t being output on the resulting file.

I did some testing and it turns out to be a bug in the export function of the EFT File Format (Cards ¯ Financial ¯ EFT File Format) window in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2; I have subsequently tested on GP 2010 SP3 and GP 2013 and the import/export works fine. I realised something odd was going on when I looked at the template in the EFT File Format window (Cards ¯ Financial ¯ EFT File Format) and saw that while the Series was defined as Purchasing in the header, the scrolling window for the Data Field only had Receivables Management tables and fields available to it and not the Payables Management tables and fields I would expect;

EFT File Format

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MDGP 2013 Feature of the Day: Computer Prepayments

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Microsoft are posting the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Feature of the Day series on the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog.

The eighty sixth feature they’ve announced is Computer Prepayments.

This feature allows a user or multiple users to process a Purchase Order Prepayment using a computer check or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). The process is managed from the creation of the purchase order with the prepayment through the consumption of the prepayment when the vendor invoice is posted.

When raising a purchase order, there is now a field for entering the Prepayment amount (which can be printed on the PO);

Purchase Order Entry

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MDGP 2013 Feature of the Day: Reprint Payables Management Remittance

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Microsoft are posting the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Feature of the Day series on the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog.

The fifty eighth feature they’ve announced is Reprint Payables Management Remittance.

Now, in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, you can reprint the vendor check stub or remittance form after you’ve processed the payment. You can see invoices that were paid, credits that were applied and other information that displays on the check stub or remittance.

Re-create Check Stub is available on the Payables Payments Zoom window;

Payables Payments Zoom

Check Remittance

This new feature is targeted at the following roles:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Bookkeeper
  • Certified Accountant
  • Accounting Manager
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Enabling Email Cheque Remittances For All Suppliers

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In two previous posts I discussed testing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010’s new Email Remittance functionality; first, by setting up creditors with an internal email address and, then, by transferring the email address from the INET1 field to the new EmailToAddress field.

The other script which I used, and forgot to post, was the one which configures all of the creditors, who are not currently configured for email remittances Continue reading → Enabling Email Cheque Remittances For All Suppliers

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Missing Transaction In Cashbook Bank Management?

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I dealt with an issue yesterday where a manual payment had been entered into Payables Transaction Entry (Transactions ¯ Purchasing ¯ Transaction Entry) but was not showing up in Bank Management’s Reconciliation screen (Transactions ¯ Financial ¯ Bank Management ¯ Reconciliation).

The reason for this is actually quite simple, but I can’t help but feel it is a little bug like. Only payments made directly via Transaction Entry or those produced during the payment run (Transactions ¯ Purchasing ¯ Select Cheques) are posted to Bank Management. If you need to do a manual payment into Payables, or a manual receipt into Receivables, then this needs to be done via CBM Batch Entry (Transactions ¯ Financial ¯ Bank Management ¯ Batches) Continue reading → Missing Transaction In Cashbook Bank Management?

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Check Remittance Run-time error ’13’ – Type Mismatch: Follow Up

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Microsoft Dynamics GPWe heard back from the Development Team in Fargo, who David Musgrave contacted regarding the issue we encountered with the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.7 Library.

They recommend that packages should be moved around using the Customisation Maintenance (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu ¯ Tools ¯ Customise ¯ Customisation Maintenance) to Import/Export the modified reports. Rather than doing this, which runs the potential risk of leaving client machines with an outdated REPORTS.dic we have been pointing the clients at a centralised REPORTS.dic on a server and copying only the Dynamics.vba to each client (we change the reports more often than the VBA).

Using Customisation Maintenance to Import the package file to each client would have prevented the problem as it would use the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.7 Library reference on the local machine. Doing it the way we do, by copying the VBA, transfers the reference within the VBA file.

This is an issue for internal discussion and we perhaps need to change the process we use for dictionary files.

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