Real-world Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP Available Now

Microsoft Dynamics GPI mentioned a couple of months ago that there was a new book coming for MIcrosoft Dynamics GP (and it wasn’t my new Workflow 2.0 book.

Well, that book is Real-world Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP by Dynamics GP MVPs Belinda Allen and Mark Polino:

Real-world Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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MDGP 2015 R2 Feature of the Day: Analytical Accounting Transaction Lists

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 will soon be released (due late May/early June and, as with previous releases, Microsoft have started a Feature of the Day series on the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Team blog. As I have done with the last three series, I’ll be reposting these blog posts here with a little commentary.

The fourth Feature of the Day is Analytical Accounting Transaction Lists.

This feature provides improvements to SmartLists and Excel Reports for Analytical Accounting (AA) transaction information. The first improvement is an expansion of the amount of information available to be included as columns in the AA SmartLists and Excel Reports. AA tracks a lot of information for each record, and we’ve included more of this data in the SmartLists and Excel Reports.

Microsoft have also improved the way the AA dimension code information displays in the lists. In prior releases, the lists contained a single column for the AA transaction dimension code. Thus, if the company is tracking more than one dimension on a transaction, multiple lines were required in the list for a distribution entry.

In GP2015 R2, they have updated the SmartLists and Excel Reports to display a column for each transaction dimension, showing the code assigned for that dimension.

For example, the below SmartList shows how the list would display for a company tracking Cost Center and Project as AA transaction dimensions.

Analytical Accounting SmartList

The change in how the data displays improves readability of the report, and also improves the ease with which users can summarize and work with the data in Excel using pivot table functionality.

Analytical Accounting is one of the modules which is not much used, but can add substantial analysis without needing the chart of accounts to be overly complicated.

If you’re thinking of starting to use Analytical Accounting, more information is available in my second book, Microsoft Dynamics GP Financial Management:

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Preorder Real-world Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was just browsing the Packt Publishing website (as you do) and found that there is a new book about Microsoft Dynamics GP being released next month.

Real-world Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP by Dynamics GP MVPs Belinda Allen and Mark Polino:

Real-world Business Intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Packt Publishing’s 2014 End Of Year $5 Dollar Offer

Packt PublishingPackt Publishing will again be celebrating the holiday season with an all books and videos on all topics for $5 offer.

Packt Publishing

From now, every eBook and video will be available on the publisher’s website for just $5. Customers are invited to purchase as many as they like before the offer ends on Tuesday January 6th, making it the perfect opportunity to try something new or to take your skills to the next level as 2015 begins.

With all $5 products available in a range of formats and DRM-free, customers will find great value content delivered exactly how they want it across Packt’s website this Xmas and New Year.

You can take advantage of the offer until the 6th January 2015.

Packt Pub have some great books available on Microsoft Dynamics GP as well as many other subjects; over the last few years I’ve picked up some great books on Dynamics CRM, SQL Server, Hyper-V, WordPress and HTML+CSS amongst others.

Packt Publishing – 10 Years, $10 for 10 Days (4 days remaining)

Packt PublishingThis month marks 10 years since Packt Publishing embarked on its mission to deliver effective learning and information services to IT professionals. In that time it has published over 2,000 titles and helped projects become household names and awarding over $400,000 through its Open Source Project Royalty Scheme.

To celebrate this milestone, from June 26th, Packt is offering all of its eBooks and Videos at just $10 each for 10 days (four days remaining); this promotion covers every title and there are no restrictions on the number of titles that can be bought by July 5th.

Packt Publishing - 10 Years, $10 for 10 Days

2,000th Book Published; Join Packt In Their Celebration With A “Buy One, Get One Free” Offer

Packt Publishing celebrates their 2000th title with an exclusive offer – We’ve got IT covered!

Known for their extensive range of pragmatic IT ebooks, Packt Publishing are celebrating their 2000th book title ‘Learning Dart’ and they want their customers to celebrate too.

To mark this milestone Packt Publishing has launched a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offer across all eBooks until 26th March.

2,000th Book Published; Join Packt In Their Celebration With A "Buy One, Get One Free" Offer

Packt is one of the most prolific and fast-growing tech book publishers in the world. Originally focused on open source software, Packt contributes back into the community paying a royalty on relevant books directly to open source projects. These projects have received over $400,000 as part of Packt’s Open Source Royalty Scheme to date.

Their books focus on practicality, recognising that readers are ultimately concerned with getting the job done. Packt’s digitally-focused business model allows them to quickly publish up-to-date books in very specific areas across a range of key categories – web development, game development, big data, application development, and more. Their commitment to providing a comprehensive range of titles has seen Packt publish 1054% more titles in 2013 than in 2006.

Click the banner above or this link to browse Packt’s collection of books and take advantage of this buy on, get one free offer.

Don’t forget there are a number of Microsoft Dynamics GP books available including my own book Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Financial Management and the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Cookbook co-authored with Mark Polino.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Reporting – Second Edition eBook Giveaway

I am pleased to announce that I have teamed up with Packt Publishing and are organizing a give away especially for you. All you need to do is submit a comment below the post and win a free e-copy of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Reporting – Second Edition by David Duncan and Christopher J Liley. Five lucky winners stand a chance to win an e-copy of the book.

Keep reading to find out how you can be one of the Lucky Ones.

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Review of WordPress Multisite Administration by Tyler L. Longren

Time for a short diversion from my usual subject of Microsoft Dynamics GP during the Christas holiday period; I ended up with more time off than I initially expected and had time to do some reading and also to fiddle around with WordPress.

I’ve been using WordPress for a few years now (this blog has been running on it since June 2011 for example) and I’ve been setting up a number of new sites for both myself and others. My hosting package is for unlimited domains and six websites which means running multiple WordPress blogs was a problem as each one needed a separate website.

The unlimited domains is good because it means that I can use an unlimited number of domains for pointing at content I host once I can sort out the limited websites problem.

I heard about WordpPress Multisite and started toying with the idea of using it, but didn’t really get beyond that point. I was then able to get a copy of WordPress Multisite Administration by Tyler L. Longren from Packt Publishing:

WordPress Multisite Administration by Tyler L. Longren

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Christmas eBook Bonanza From Packt Publishing

I have received news of a special eBook Bonanza from Packt Publishing between now and the 3rd January 2014.

eBook Bonanza

From today, 19th December 2013, you can get any eBook or Video from Packt for just $5. This sale covers every title in the 1,700+ range and you can grab as many as you like until 3rd January 2014.

There are some fantastic books available from Packt on Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, Hyper-V, SQL Server 2012 and WordPress amongst many others.

Review of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Reporting by David Duncan and Christopher J Liley

I have received a copy of the newly published Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Reporting, by David Duncan and Chrisopher J Liley, from Packt Publishing to review. This is an update of a previous book the pair wrote for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010:

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Reporting

The book covers an extensive range of the reporting tools in, or available with, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013:

  • SmartList Builder including Excel Report Builder
  • Report Writer and Word Templates
  • Reporting Services Reports
  • Analysis Cubes
  • Management Reporter

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