Microsoft Dynamics GP January 2018 Hotfix Now Available

Microsoft Dynamics GPTerry Heley announced the availability of the January 2018 Hotfix for Microsoft Dynamics GP the other day on the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog. This hotfix is available for the following version of Microsoft Dynamics GP;

  • 2013 – this will be the last hotfix for GP 2013, so you should really start planning your upgrade to a supported version.
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2018

While you don’t need to install every hotfix for Microsoft Dynamics GP, I would always recommend reviewing the fix list to determine if you need to upgrade.

I am not listing all of the fixes here, just the ones which seem important or relevant to my clients:

  • These fixes are for 2018 only:
    • You may experience slow performance when you click Inquiry>>Purchasing>>Transaction By Document.
    • You are unable to make changes to copied workflow steps when created using the Copy Workflow Step feature.
  • These fixes are for both 2016 and 2018:
    • PM Payables Transaction Workflow A get/change operation on table ‘PM_Transcation_WORK’ failed.
    • Upgrade error CO00104 set BusObjKey = replace(BusObjKey,’0\PM\Payables Transaction History’,’0\PM\Payables Transaction’) where BusObjKey.
    • When two users simultaneously submit a document into a workflow with multiple approvers at the same time, one of the workflows will either go to the workflow manager or only be assigned to a portion of the approvers (this is an issue I logged with Microsoft which was causing issues for a couple of clients, so nice to see the fix available).
    • You may notice duplicate payments with simultaneous use of the payables select checks window, warning was added to the user.
    • You are unable to add new columns to existing Analytical Accounting SmartLists in Dynamics GP 2016 R2 or later & columns with special characters result in “excel found unreadable content” error when list is exported to excel.
    • Posting a GL reversing entry to a historical year with P&L account, where it reverses in the new year has incorrect SEQNUMBR in the GL20000 and incorrect ACTINDX in AAG30001 on reversing ‘GJ’ entry and 0% in AAG3000.

For the full fix list, check Terry’s blog post

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 RTM Now Available for Download

Microsoft Dynamics GPI’ve been checking all day, but, finally, the download for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 RTM is now available.

You can download it from here (CustomerSource or PartnerSource login required).

You can read about the new features coming in my Dynamics GP 2018 RTM Feature of the Day series of posts.

The Support team will be running a New Feature series of posts starting on 5th December. These blogs will give a comprehensive overview of the features along with excellent content, documentation, and videos, as they have done in the past.

I’ll be going hands on with the new version in a series of posts, probably starting as soon as the download is finished; the posts will start with the installation of the new version, before moving onto covering the new functionality.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 System Requirements Updated to Include Windows 7

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GP is scheduled for release today, so make sure you review the system requirements to ensure your hardware and software are both compatible with the new version.

Back in July the system requirements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 RTM were released and, at that time, Windows 7 was not supported with any edition, but this version of Windows is now being officially supported with Dynamics GP 2018 RTM.

The system (minimum) requirements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 are now available on CustomerSource (login required):

There are a few versions of OS and software which are not supported with Dynamics GP 2018; the following are not supported in any edition (e.g. Professional, Standard or Enterprise):

  • Windows Server 2008
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012

How to Install Microsoft SQL Server 2017: Install the Database Engine Services

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn this short series of posts, I am going to be covering the installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2017; the installation process for this version is somewhat different to previous ones, in that SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server Reporting Services have been separated out from the main installer.

The series index can be found here. I am not a SQL expert and this series of posts is intended only for use on demo or test environment and not production ones.

In this, the first post of the series, I am going to install the core part of Microsoft SQL Server 2017, which is the Database Engine Services. To do this double click the Setup.exe on the installation media.

Click Installation and then select New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation:

SQL Server Installation Center - Installation

Continue reading “How to Install Microsoft SQL Server 2017: Install the Database Engine Services”

Microsoft Dynamics GP Directory Updated for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

Microsoft Dynamics GPI only discovered the Microsoft Dynamics GP Directory existed back in March this year, but I’ve been keeping a bit of an eye on it since.

Even then, I’d missed the addition of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 information to the page; it was the announcement of the new feature series on Dynamics GP which told me the links had been added.

It is worth visiting the Microsoft Dynamics GP Directory occasionally to keep up to date.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 New Feature Blog Series Schedule Announced

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft’s Terry Heley today published a blog post outlining the schedule for the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 New Features blog series.

This blog post series is from the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog which usually covers in depth the new features after launch; usually there is a series of posts by the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog which precedes the launch of the new version which I am still hoping will happen this year.

There are five key areas of new functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018:

  1. Comprehensive Doc Attach
    Today, we introduce the next evolution with comprehensive Doc Attach on most master record windows, inquiry windows and transaction entry windows.
  2. User Experience
    Giving users easier and faster ways to get to and find the data they are looking for to make decisions based off the information stored in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  3. Optimize Financials & HRP
    Recognizing the voice of our customers, you’ve provided the feedback, we’ve optimized your Financials and HR/Payroll experience in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018
  4. Workflow
    With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, we continue to extend the capabilities of Workflow. In addition to new workflows such as GL Account and Purchase Invoice, we’ve added workflow capabilities like copy step and reminder emails.
  5. Power “Suite” Evolution
    Support Paging and Filtering in OData Services, Support OData V4 and what you all have been waiting for GP Power BI Content Pack.

I’ll not list the detailed schedule, but the new features blog series will run from 5th December through to 15th February.

The post can be found here.

Dynamics GP Tech Conference 2017: Power BI Enhancements

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GPThis post is part of the series I am doing on the Dynamics GP Tech Conference 2017.

Power BI is more the area of Belinda Allen or Mark Polino than mine, but I’ll be getting more of a look at it soon as I have one of my team about to take a more in depth look, so it is nice to hear there will be more new stuff coming in the next version of Dynamics GP:

  • Support for paging in OData Services
  • Support for filtering in OData Services
  • Support for OData v4
  • GP Power BI Content Pack – I need more information on this, but it sounds like a set of pre-packaged reports which will be welcome.

Dynamics GP Tech Conference 2017: Comprehensive Doc Attach

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GPThis post is part of the series I am doing on the Dynamics GP Tech Conference 2017.

The Document Attachment module has been extended into the action pane in quite a few new windows:

  • Document Attachment on Receivables Transaction Entry
  • Document Attachment on General Ledger Entry
  • Document Attachment on Employee Inquiry
  • Document Attachment in I-9 Form
  • Display Vendor notes on Vendor Inquiry
  • Display Customer notes on Customer Inquiry
  • Display Project Notes in Project Inquiry and PA Project Inquiry
  • Document Attachment in Asset General Information
  • Option to attach new documents in Inquiry windows – there is a setting in the Document Attachment Setup winodw to enable this (and to require a password to be entered).

Dynamics GP Tech Conference 2017: Optimised Human Resources and Payroll

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GPThis post is part of the series I am doing on the Dynamics GP Tech Conference 2017.

Not modules I know anything about, as they are very US and Canada focused, but there are some enhancements coming to Human Resources and Payroll:

  • Turn off garnishment reports in posting setup.
  • Roll down payroll setup options from setup to inactive records.
  • Change department code in all payroll files, including history.
  • Restrict inactive Deduction and Benefit codes in lookups

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Dynamics GP Tech Conference 2017: Optimised Financials

Microsoft Dynamics GPThis post is part of the series I am doing on the Dynamics GP Tech Conference 2017.

The Financials modules have some enhancements coming which should be of benefit:

  • Copy user access across AA transaction dimension codes – this should make maintaining AA dimension code access easier.
  • Email single statement from customer card and enquiry – handy when you only want to send a single statement to the customer on the phone, rather than to a range of them.
  • PO Generator opens PO List with the new PO’s filter.
  • PO Number display on Requisition List for originator – getting easy access to the PO number for PR orinators will be a good new addition; it will save me writing SmartLists for everyone based off this view.
  • Print Purchase Requisition – I have mixed opinions. Workflow can handle the sending of requisition details to an approver anyway, and I can’t really think of another reason to output one?
  • Display Hold status on Sales Transaction Entry – more information is never a bad thing.
  • One check per invoice settings – allows for more granular control than the setting in the Select Payments window.
  • Save Select Payments settings – are you tired of having to configure your payment run manually every time? Well, Microsoft’s got you covered with this feature.

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