Install SQL Server 2014: SSRS Configuration for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn the previous two posts, I stepped through the installation and configuration of SSRS. To deploy the Microsoft Dynamics GP SSRS reports to the SSRS server there is one last piece of configuration which needs to be completed.

There is a setting in the web.config file which needs to be added for the reports to deploy successfully. I have previously blogged about that setting here. The only change in the path will be the version number in the folder name will be higher.

Once you have completed that step you can then move onto deploying the SSRS reports in Dynamics GP; this post was written on Dynamics GP 2010 R2, but the process for deploying them is the same in Dynamics GP 2015.

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Error In SmartList Excluding One Category

Microsoft Dynamics GPA client reported an error to our service desk recently when they were working with an Account Transactions SmartList which they were trying to filter to exclude a particular Account Category. When they entered the search criteria they received a string of error messages.


Microsoft Dynamics GP - GPS Error: 58

Microsoft Dynamics GP

GPS Error: 58

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Old Style Emailing Of Dynamics GP RM Statements Error: “Path for the E-mail Status Report is Not Setup”

Microsoft Dynamics GPA client on Dynamics GP 2010 R2 has been configuring email for the RM statements recently, but after configuring the system were still receiving an error message:

Path for the E-mail Status Report is Not Setup

When we were assisting to diagnose the problem, we found that while they did have the EmailStmtStatusPath line in their Dex.ini file (as detailed in this KB article), the specified path did not have a trailing slash; as soon as this was done the report started working without issue.

EFT File Format Import/Export Error

Microsoft Dynamics GPI’ve recently been creating an HSBC Standard 18 BACs file format for a client in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2.

Unfortunately, once I released it to their system, they reported an error with the import where the Creditor’s Cheque Name wasn’t being output on the resulting file.

I did some testing and it turns out to be a bug in the export function of the EFT File Format (Cards » Financial » EFT File Format) window in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2; I have subsequently tested on GP 2010 SP3 and GP 2013 and the import/export works fine. I realised something odd was going on when I looked at the template in the EFT File Format window (Cards » Financial » EFT File Format) and saw that while the Series was defined as Purchasing in the header, the scrolling window for the Data Field only had Receivables Management tables and fields available to it and not the Payables Management tables and fields I would expect;

EFT File Format

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How To Realign Trial Balance Summary Modified Report Columns

Microsoft Dynamics GPI was recently asked to assist the Support team to look into an issue with the Trail Balance Summary modified report. The problem was that when sent to screen or printer the report was fine, but when exported to Tab Delimited file, the columns didn;t match up with the totals at the bottom.

Trial Balance Summary on Screen shows as aligned;

Trial Balance Summary - Screen Output

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How To Deploy Excel Reports In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2

Microsoft Dynamics GPWay back in February I did a post on how to deploy the SSRS reports to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 and meant to follow up with a post on how to deploy the Excel Reports, but got sidetracked and then forgot. Well, I’m correcting that today.

To deploy the reports you need to open the Reporting Tools Setup window (Tools » Setup » System » Reporting Tools Setup) where you can deploy reports and see what has already been deployed;

Reporting Tools Setup - Excel tab

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Unknown Error Creating Demo Company

Microsoft Dynamics GPThis is another mea culpa post; I’ve been doing enough of them I’m thinking of giving them their own tag.

I was created a virtual machine with the Fabrikam, Inc. demo company in it. When GP Utilities was processing I got this error pop up;

Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities - An unknown error occurred when initialising tyhe conversion.

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How To Install A Domain Controller In Windows 8 Server Consumer Preview

At the start of this year I did a post on how to install a domain controller in Windows Server 2008 R2 (and I think the method would work back to 2003 as well). However, with the release, albeit of the Consumer Preview, of Windows 8 Server (Windows Server 2013 on release?) that post is out of date.

I say it is out of date because when I tried to run it I got the following message;

Active Directory Domain Services Installer - The Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard is relocated in Service Manager. For more information, see

So for those of you who, like myself, are preparing a test environment using Windows 8 Server Consumer Preview, SQL Server 2012, Management Reporter 2012 for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 (when it arrives) here is a walk through of creating a domain controller on Windows 8 Server Consumer Preview. Please note this is not a guide that should be used on a production environment; it is solely intended for creating a demo or test environment; I am a Microsoft Dynamics GP specialist, not a Windows Active Directory one.

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How To Install Management Reporter 2012 – Client Installation

Last week I posted the start of a series of posts on how to install Management Reporter 2012; how to install Management Reporter 2012 – Server Prerequisites, how to install Management Reporter 2012 – Server Installation and how to configure Management Reporter 2012.

Todays post is the final post in the series on how to install Management Reporter and covers the client installation.

The client installer is part of the same installation package as the server installation (download available here (PartnerSource or CustomerSource login required).

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How To Configure Management Reporter 2012

Microsoft Dynamics GPOn Monday the new version of Management Reporter was released, on Tuesday I posted the first in a series of posts on how to install Management Reporter 2012 server prerequisites and yesterday I posted the second part of the series on how to install the server software. Today I’ll cover the configuration of Management Reporter 2012.

To quickly recap, the server configuration I am using is four separate servers, all running Windows Server 2008 R2, but could easily be installed on one machine, or virtual machine, for use as a test system;
Domain Controller (DC1) running the ideal domain (a slight departure from my usual azurecurve) on
SQL Server (SQL1)
Reporting Server (RPT1)
Terminal Server (TS1)

The configuration is done using the Configuration Console which is installed as part of the server installation, so in my case it is on the Reporting Server (RPT1).

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