SmartList Wildcards

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The Google-fu is weak with this one (this one being me). I read a post ages ago on the subject of SmartList wildcards which looked like it would be really useful, but then, after I’d forgotton the details, couldn’t find it again no matter what searches I tried.

Then, a couple of days ago, Tim Cruickshank, on the Rose Business Solutions blog, posted a few tips and tricks he’d picked up at Convergence, one of which was SmartList Wildcards.

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How To Create A Microsoft Dynamics GP Installation Package

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If you’re installing Microsoft Dynamics GP into a thin client environment then installing the clients isn’t that onerous a task, but if you’re installing GP into a thick client (or into a large thin client) environment then it can be a task that takes quite a while especially when the client has numerous features which need to be selected on each client.

Microsoft Dynamics GP includes an aid for this circumstance; the ability to create an installation package which allows you to easily and quickly install GP onto clients with exactly the same configuration each time.

The installation package is created from the Microsoft Dynamics GP setup;

Microsoft Dynamics GP setup

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How To Bulk Update Segment Descriptions From A CSV

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On the Microsoft Dynamics GP Community site a question from Lisa Sorenson in October last year asking if it was possible to use the Table Import (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu ¯ Tools ¯ Integrate ¯ Table Import) feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP to update some Segment descriptions has risen to the top with Steve Cummings linking to a post where the suggestion is to use a CSV file and Word template to generate a mailmerge.

This solution will work, but can be accomplished in much less time and effort by using the SQL command BULK INSERT to load the CSV (formatted as Segment ID, Segment Number and Description) Continue reading → How To Bulk Update Segment Descriptions From A CSV

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