Hands On With the GP Power Tools: Installing the GP Power Tools

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Winthrop DCWith a licence for GP Power Tools we can now download it. Versions are available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, 2013, 2015 and 2016 so make sure you select the correct version.

Once you’ve downloaded the installer, you need to install GP Power Tools on every machine with the Microsoft Dynamics GP client installed.

Do this, by running the installer and clicking Next on the Welcome step:

GP Power Tools: Welcome

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Hands On With the GP Power Tools: Licencing

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Winthrop DCIn the last post, I covered the tools available in the GP Power Tools. In this post, I’m going to take a quick look at the licencing.

Versions of GP Power Tools are available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, 2013, 2015 and 2016, but the licencing is version independent so you don’t need to worry when upgrading. All you need to do is download and install the correct version.

A licence for GP Power Tools is valid for one year and must be renewed annually; failure to renew will result in the product will stop working. Reminders of expiry will be given in advance as a rminder to renew, but there is also a grace period after expiry. Once purchased, GP Power Tools will install the keys automatically using a web service.

When you want to purchase a licence for GP Power Tools, head to either the Order Now or Get a Quote page. In the Order Software Licenses select from the threee GP Power Tools sets of tools you require. As covered in the last post, there are three modules available:

  1. Administrator Tools
  2. Developer Tools
  3. Database Tools

For testing purposes, GP Power Tools can be installed on an implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP which only has the sample company deployed; any other company being added does require a licence, but you can request a 30 day trial.

Trials are also available for modules which you have not bought. For example, if you have previously bought the Administrator Tolls, you could get a trial licence for the Database Tools.

If you’re a partner and want to do some testing, learning or internal training on the GP Power Tools prior to recommending it to clients, NFR (Not For Resale) keys are available from Mekorma.

Once you have confirmation your order has been placed, you’re ready to download and install GP Power Tools.

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Hands On With the GP Power Tools: Available Tools

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Winthrop DCBefore I move onto the features of the GP Power Tools, there will be a small number of posts, starting with this one, introducing the GP Power Tools and on the installation process.

GP Power Tools is sold as three modules which can be bought separately, with some standard features available when any module is registered. The three modules and their features are:

  1. Administrator Tools
  2. Developer Tools
  3. Database Tools

Essential system features that come with the first module you register:

  1. Capture and email 5 system logs in “One-Click”.
  2. Capture and email a full system status report and screenshots of all open windows in “One-Click”.
  3. Send emails from inside Dynamics GP even with no email client installed.
  4. Change Dex.ini and registry settings from inside GP, including making GP work well on high res monitors.

The key features of the Administrator Tools are:

  1. Avoid data entry errors! Company based colour schemes provide an immediate visual cue to which company is being used.
  2. Gain full administrative and audit control of your security system, including Deny-Based Security.
  3. Roll out Dex.ini setting changes to all workstations.
  4. Simplify troubleshooting by disabling third party products and customisation (including Visual Studio Addins and VBA).
  5. Users can customise window positions and sizes based on the how they use the system.

The key features of the Developer Tools are:

  1. Create, execute and publish scripts from inside Dynamics GP, using  Dexterity, Transact-SQL, Visual C# and Visual Basic.Net.
  2. Create triggers to schedule events, customise Dynamics GP, and debug issues by automatically capturing logs.
  3. Build custom Report Writer functions or custom Service Based Architecture (SBA) service procedures.
  4. Request parameters from users for scripts without needing any additional programming.
  5. Group triggers, scripts and parameter lists together into development projects for easy maintenance and exporting.

The key features of the Database Tools are:

  • Synchronise and repair Dynamics GP Companies and Users with SQL Server Databases, Logins and Database Users.
  • Update Logins and passwords after moving to a new SQL Server or when creating test environments.
  • Clean up system tables and validate database integrity and table structures before upgrading to minimise upgrade issues.
  • Export and import selected data from multiple tables using XML for quick transfer of small amounts of data between systems or for backups.
  • The tools contain two types of features; Standard Mode and Advanced Mode:

    1. Standard Mode features can be used safely by all users.
    2. Advanced Mode features require system administrator or database owner (dbo) privileges and require expertise in Dexterity, Visual C#, Visual Basic.Net and/or SQL Server administration.

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    Hands On With the GP Power Tools: Series Index

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    Winthrop DCAll of my Hands On With posts so far have been with Microsoft Dynamics GP itself, but I am now branching out and going hands on with the GP Power Tools by Winthrop Development Consultants.

    GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP is a Dexterity, Visual C# and Visual Basic.Net based integrated product for Microsoft Dynamics GP which contains a collection of utilities and tools to make the tasks of administering, supporting and developing Microsoft Dynamics GP easier and faster and is based on the product previously known as the Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

    GP Power Tools is distributed by Mekorma.

    This series will open with the installation and basic configuration of the GP Power Tools and I will then move on to posts covering the features of the three sections into which the GP Power Tools is separated into:

    1. Administrator Tools
    2. Developer Tools
    3. Database Tools

    Each of these sections will have its own series index, with this post being the series index for these sub-series.

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    Short URLs Available on Microsoft Dynamics GP Table Reference

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    Microsoft Dynamics GP Table ReferenceI have deployed my URL Shortener plugin on the Microsoft Dynamics GP Table Reference site which should assist you in locating the page for a table when you already know the table’s physical name.

    If, for example, you wanted to view the page for PM Key Master File (PM00400) you would, without the URL shortener, have to type the full page string:


    With the URL shortener, all you need is the table name:


    To load the page for the table you want (and this is for any of the GP tables on the site), just type gpt.azrcrv.co.uk/ followed by the table name you want to see.

    I know they’re not the shortest URLs in the world, but they should be a big help for viewing the tables when you know the table name and want field information.

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    Workaround to Workflow Notification View/Edit Link Doesn’t Work on Outlook 365 Online

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    Microsoft Dynamics GPThe other day I posted about a problem with the online version of Outlook in Office 365 stripping the View/Edit link from the Workflow notification emails. This was confirmed as a bug with the online version of Office 365 with a recommendation from Microsoft Dynamics GP Support to raise a call with the Office 365 team.

    That’s going to be a long term solution to the problem, where the client would much rather have a fix in the short term.

    Well, no fix in the short term, but I realised there was probably a very simple workaround to the problem.

    I constructed a custom link on the Email Message which has the same query string as the normal drill down link, but I replaced the dgpp and server parts of the link with a link to a custom page on my website (see selected section):

    Message Setup

    <a href='http://www.azurecurve.co.uk/mdgp.php?Db=GP&Srv=SERVER&Cmp=IDEAL&Prod=0&Act=OPEN&Func=OpenReqInq&sReqID={%Requisition Number%}&bHistory=0'<{%Requisition Number%}</a>

    The PHP webpage I created is configured to do a redirect to the dgpp drill down link used by Microsoft Dynamics GP and append the query string from the email hyperlink:

    	header('Location: dgpp://DGPB/?' . $_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"], true, $statusCode);

    When I tested this on my demo environment it worked perfectly. I then passed it across to the client and they are currently testing.

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    Report Used for the Reprint Check Remittance

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    Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GP 2013 saw the introduction of the ability to reprint the check remittance report. This feature was a very nice one to see, as numerous clients, if not all of them, had been asking for.

    At some point after this, and I am not sure in which version, the ability to email the reprinted remittance was introduced:

    Payments Payable Zoom

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    Enabling the PO Email Document Without an Exchange Account.

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    Microsoft Dynamics GPI am very much an advocate for using the Microsoft Dynamics GP application for making changes to configuration or data rather than jumping straight to the SQL database. However, sometimes needs really must.

    I was onsite with a client a few weeks ago to assist them in implementing Purchase Order Processing and, as part of this implementation, I needed to enable the emailing of the purchase order. Typically, I would do this through the Company E-mail Setup (Administration >> Setup >> Company >>
    E-mail Setup
    )) window, but the client is configured to use Exchange for emails and I don’t have an Exchange account on their system.

    Due to my location compared to the users, it was quicker to create an SQL script to enable the email rather than trying to locate a user with the relevant permissions to screen share with:

    	EmailDocumentEnabled = 1
    	,EmailMessageID = 'PO'
    	EmailDictionaryID = 0
    	EmailSeriesID = 4
    	MODULE1 = 12
    	EmailDocumentID = 1

    The highlighted section is the name of the Message ID for the PO.

    As always before running a script, ensure you test the script and have a good backup of your company database.

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    Microsoft Dynamics GP Table Reference: Products Added

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    Microsoft Dynamics GP Table ReferenceOn Thursday last week, I introduced the new Microsoft Dynamics GP Table Reference I was in the process of creating and said I’d be adding new products soon.

    Well, I got it done a bit quicker than I thought, and now have all of the Microsoft Dynamics GP modules loaded.

    I will be adding ISV products through time, but if there are any in particular which you want to me to progress sooner, then please drop me a note using the contact form.

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    Customising Dynamics GP Workflow Emails: Not Just Workflow Emails

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    Microsoft Dynamics GPOne point I forgot to make when writing the other posts of this series, which was perhaps obvious to all, is that the formatting I have shown in this series, applies not only to the workflow emails, but also to the standard emails sent by Microsoft Dynamics GP. This would include the emails sent to vendors with a PO or remittance or to a customer with an invoice or statement.

    While I haven’t gone much beyond what I have covered in this series, it should be possible to do a lot more in formatting terms to the emails. One thing I have thought of, but not tried yet, is wrapping a table around the fields at the top of the table to align them into a neat layout.

    A couple of things I have tried, and which did not work, are:

    1. Adding styles to the approval links – any style I added to these links, such as padding or line-height, was ignored.
    2. Adding a div around an image and setting float: left – the image did not float in Outlook.

    The final point I would make around formatting the emails, is that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. If you do format the emails, keep it simple.

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