Resolving A Problem With The eConnect Integration Service Not Running

While I was working on the series of posts for how to install the Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP, I encountered a couple of problems which I thought it might be worth covering in this and the next post.

The first was to do with the eConnect Integration Service which is installed as part of the install of Web Services. The basic problem was that the service was not running;

Services - eConnect for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Integration Service

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Review of Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications – Part 1

At the end of December, Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications, written by Leslie Vail and published by Packt Publishing was released.

Developing Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Applications by Leslie Vail

I got a copy of the book in order to do a review and have decided to break the review down into multiple parts. The reason for this is that the book includes some practical examples which I have decided to do and then include the results of this in the review; after all if it is a book on developing how can you accurately review the book if you don’t use what you learn to build something?

The book is aimed at developers new to working with Microsoft Dynamics GP, so bear in mind that I am not a developer when reading my reviews. Quick synopsis of my background: I started my career as a trainee developer and moved through a variety of roles such as developer and support analyst before moving to my current position as consultant and project manager.

I oversee development teams working on additions or amendments to Microsoft Dynamics GP as well as personally undertaking some modifications using Report Writer or Modifier with VBA. So despite not being a developer, I am used to working with them and did, once upon a time, be one myself.

The first chapter of the book covers the Microsoft Dynamics GP Architecture from a high level perspective.

It covers the history of the GP interface from it’s origins with Great Plains Software, an overview of Dexterity and the development environment. There is a detailed explanation of the launch file (Dynamics.set), which included a couple of points of which I wasn’t aware, and the configuration/preferences file (Dex.ini).

The explanation of the Dex.ini file included the ExportOneLineBody switch which I didn’t know about, but for which I have an immediate use.

Leslie then goes on to explain about the structure of the tables in the SQL Database which always strikes newcomers as arcane and overly complex. Leslie explains this well with plenty of detail on both the structure, including both the physical and technical names, and how transactions move between tables as their state changes.

Chapter 1 wraps up with a detailed explanation of the UI covering how forms are constructed, how the scrolling windows work and the common buttons used on forms, scrolling windows and individual buttons.

The second chapter of the book focuses on the fundamentals of integrating applications with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics is a tool available from Microsoft which allows Microsoft Dynamics CRM to be integrated with one of the three Microsoft Dynamics ERP products; AX, GP and NAV.

Being a Microsoft Dynamics GP focused blog, it is the integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP I’m going to take a look at over the next couple of weeks or so depending on how quickly I get the posts written and published.

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics provides a two way integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP with the below diagram showing the entities which can be integrated from one system to the other;

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 SP3 Has Been Released

On the Developing for Microsoft Dynamics GP blog, David Musgrave has posted an announcement that Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Pack 3 is now available.

As always with service packs to Microsoft Dynamics GP there are a multitude of downloads covering all the different related products to Dynamics GP itself such as Integration Manager and eConnect.

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eConnect Messages Not Posting To GL

The morning opened with a feeling of déjà vu. A client testing Microsoft Dynamics GP reported that transactions they were posting in an external system were not appearing in GP.

After checking out the other issues I’ve seen recently (Domain Trust issues, Windows Updates restarting MSMQ and timeouts) without luck I expanded the investigation. Continue reading

eConnect Error: Unrecognized error 232 (0xe8)

A couple of weeks ago, a client was testing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 and reported that some of their postings from an external system were not arriving in GP (these postings are transferred using eConnect).

When I installed eConnect I enabled Journalling on the econnect_incoming queue so we would have a record of messages which had been submitted. After receiving the error I went to make sure the messages had reached the GP server (Start menu >> Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Computer Management >> Services and Applications >> Message Queuing >> Private Queues >> econnect_incoming >> Journal Messages) Continue reading

Changing The eConnect Password In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

In this post I discussed changing the password in eConnect 10. However, changes were made to eConnect 11 which means the password is not changed in the same way when using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

eConnect 10 is a COM+ application while eConnect 11 is a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service-oriented application. This means the password change is a different process although it must still be done in two places. Continue reading

Changing The eConnect Password In Microsoft Dynamics GP 10

When we install Microsoft Dynamics eConnect 10 we also do so using a specially created Windows Domain user, DynamicsGPUser, which has the password policy disabled so the password never changes.

It turns out that despite this user only being used by the eConnect service, some client’s still prefer to change the password occasionally. Changing the password is a relatively simple thing to do, so long as you’re aware that the password is stored in two places. Continue reading

Integrations Via eConnect Disappearing

As well as using eConnect to integrate journals from an external system into the GL, we also use it to integrate invoices into Payables Management. Overall we have far fewer problems integrating transactions via eConnect than we had in the past using Integration Manager, but we do still encounter some problems; usually with transactions being posted in the external system and then disappearing.

This is sometimes a more exotic reason but is usually an issue with the eConnect service needing to be restarted. When we first started using eConnect we often had problems when the server was rebooted as the eConnect service was starting before the MSMQ service and didn’t then function correctly.

To fix this issue we added a dependency to MSMQ on the eConnect service which ensures the eConnect one does not start until MSMQ is ready. This particular fix has just resulted in a site posting invoices in an external system which didn’t arrive in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Continue reading