FRx Migration Wizard Failure

Microsoft Dynamics GPI have a number of clients who have been using Microsoft Dynamics GP for a number of years and who we are now upgrading again. A few of them continued using FRx when they upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, but now they are upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 they also need to switch to Management Reporter 2012 as FRx is not supported with the latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Most of these migrations proceed without a problem, but I did have one client where the Migration Wizard ran through and returned a successfully completed message. However, when I logged into the Report Designer to check the migrated building blocks, I found that there was nothing there.

As a double-check, I re-ran the Migration Wizard to the same effects so I started to do some investigation. I eventually took a look in the FRx database and found a number of corrupt rows in the Catalog table like the one below:

FRx Database - Catalog Table

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Management Reporter Error Opening Column Definition

Microsoft Dynamics GPDuring a recent upgrade of a client from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 we also did a migration of FRx to Management Reporter.

After doing the test upgrade and migration I tested Management Reporter and everything was working fine. However, a month later when I was back on site for the live upgrade and some additional training, I found that Management Reporter was no longer working correctly.

When I tried to open a column definition I received an error:

Management Reporter: The operation could not be completed due to a problem in the data provider framework.Management Reporter: The operation could not be completed due to a problem in the data provider framework.

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FRx – Such A Small Typo, Such A Big Effect

Sometimes it is difficult to see the cause of a problem. We’re in the process of upgrading a heavily customised installation of Microsoft Dynamics GP for a client and are installing the new version on a new environment.

When it came to installing FRx I had a bit of a problem. I had installed and configured it on the SQL Server without any problem, but when I installed it on a Terminal Server I ran into the following error;

FRx Professional - FRx32.OSFIMain.CheckOFSIConnection - 8900: Frx is unable to open a connection to the general ledger database because the specified ODBC data source is not value. Verify that the data source exists on the computerFRx Professional – FRx32.OSFIMain.CheckOFSIConnection – 8900: Frx is unable to open a connection to the general ledger database because the specified ODBC data source is not value. Veryify that the data source exists on the computer

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How To Install Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP – Installation

This is the second post in the series on how to install the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP; the first post covered the prerequisites.

When the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP setup utility is run, the first window is just a welcome screen, so click next;

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics - Welcome to the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics Setup Wizard

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Microsoft Dynamics GP and Schrödinger’s Cat

One of the points I make (repeatedly until I see a confirmation they’ve done so) to clients when implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP is that they need to make sure that a maintenance backup of the SQL databases and other resources are being made.

In some cases the maintenance backup is a once a night job, other clients have had one done every twelve hours with log backups made every hour. As long as a regular backup is being made I’m happy and stop nagging them.

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Changing FRx Menu Option To Open Management Reporter

In this post I discussed renaming the FRx menu option in Microsoft Dynamics GP to show the name Management Reporter. One thing I didn’t cover, and which Susan Conrod reminded me of in the comments, is how to change the menu option so that it does actually open Management Reporter.

If you have not previously used the FRx mneu option on a client, then clicking the, FRx, or Management Reporter as it will be after you have renamed it, menu option in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Reports >> Financial >> Management Reporter (or FRx)) you will be presented with this window where you can select the application to be started;

FRx Setup

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Replicate FRx To Management Reporter Command Customisation To Other Users

In the last post I showed how the FRx menu can be renamed to show Management Reporter instead.

However, it is also a per user setting so would need to be done for each user created in Microsoft Dynamics GP who had access to Management Reporter.

To make the job a lot less onerous, I thought it might be useful to follow up with a SQL script to copy the FRx command customisations from one user to all others Continue reading

Renaming Microsoft Dynamics GP FRx Menu Option To Management Reporter

The FRx Reporter tool is being retired very soon. It’s replacement, Management Reporter, has been available to all customers for a while and is the only option for new ones implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP.

FRx has an entry on the Reports menu (Reports >> Financial >> FRx) in Microsoft Dynamics GP which can be replaced with Management Reporter. Unfortunately, this is a per user setting but does change the menu in all companies for each user who makes the change.

To change the name of the FRx menu, right click on the toolbar and then click Customise…;

Microsoft Dynamics GP

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How To Create A Domain Controller

The release of Management Reporter brought several advantages over FRx; x64 compatibility, replacement of the Access database with SQL Server and a modern client among them. However, one of the downsides is that Management Reporter requires a domain to be available for both the installation and running.

Where FRx could be run on any PC or laptop regardless of the operating system, Management Reporter can only be run on a server OS. This means that the Business Development Managers, and I, need either a laptop with Windows Server 2008, or better the R2 version, installed or we need a VM with the same. To make everyday life easier I opted for the latter as I can install it once and then copy the VM between machines.

I am a Microsoft Dynamics GP consultant by training, certification and experience but I don’t have a huge amount of experience with Active Directory. I am the most knowledgeable here about installing GP and Management Reporter though, so it falls to me to do the setup of the demo systems and I figured I might as well do the full monty rather than getting someone else to install the operating system and then passing it back to me.

To this end I needed to learn how to install and configure Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) and I thought it best to document here for anyone else interested and also for my own future reference. Continue reading