Management Reporter Fact Check

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Microsoft Dynamics GPFollowing the announcement by Microsoft back in June last year of a partnership with Jet Reports, the future of Management Reporter has been a topic of conversation amongst the community with rumours constantly swirling that Management Reporter would disappear from the Microsoft Dynamics GP space.

On the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP team blog, Pam Misialek has posted a Management Reporter Fact Check:

  • Management Reporter is available and fully supported by Microsoft. It is still included in the Starter Pack and will continue to be.
  • Management Reporter will ship with GP Next later this calendar year and will ship in future releases as well.
  • Microsoft are looking for any feature enhancements ideas which can be added to the product.
  • HTTP support was added for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2
  • Management Reporter will not go fully to the cloud in a multi-tenant environment. It can be used in the cloud, with a RDP connection.

Management Reporter is technically a separate product because it works across all Dynamics products. So what? Who cares? It works great at creating financial statements.

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MS Connect Suggestion: Allow Parenthesis in Workflow Step Conditions

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MS Connect Suggestion: Allow Parenthesis in Workflow Step Conditions

Microsoft Dynamics GPI have a Workflow related MS Connect Suggestion I’d like you to vote for.

I would like to request the facility to use parenthesis in Workflow Step Conditions in order to simplfy the creation of the conditions.

For example, currently a condition may need to be entered as:
VendorClass = “EU” and ItemClass = “IT” and CostCentre = “NEWCASTLE”
VendorClass = “EU” and ItemClass = “IT” and CostCentre = “LONDON”
VendorClass = “EU” and ItemClass = “IT” and CostCentre = “EDINBURGH”

And that is with only an or clause on one of the parameters. I might have 6 VendorClasses and 20 ItemClasses; it gets real big, real quick.

If parenthesis could be used, as in a mathematical equation, I could enter the condition as:
VendorClass = “EU” and ItemClass = “IT” and (CostCentre = “NEWCASTLE” or CostCentre = “LONDON” or CostCentre = “EDINBURGH”)

This would shrink the amount of work required to create anything but the simplest of workflow processes enormously.

You can vote on the suggestion here

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MS Connect Suggestion: Make User Preferences Shortcut Bar Entry Available to All users

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Microsoft Dynamics GPThis MS Connect suggestion has come from Belinda Allen.

Microsoft Dynamics GP users who use either the traditional desktop client or the web client when logged in as SQL user see the User Preferences shortcut on the Dynamics GP home page.

However users logged in using an Azure AD account, do not see the shortcut for User Preferences.

Belinda is asking Microsoft to make this shortcut available to all users.

You can read and vote on the suggestion here.

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Management Reporter 2012 CU16 Now Available

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Microsoft Dynamics GPThe Dynamics CPM Team has recently announced the release of Cumulative Update 16 for Management Reporter 2012.

The big new feature in this CU, is HTTPS support which was announced as a new feature alongside Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2.

Vaidy Mohan has posted an article on the functionality for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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MS Connect Suggestion: Include Multicurrency Vouchers in Select Checks Window

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Microsoft Dynamics GPThis suggestion is one from MVP Mariano Gomez to improve the payment run process by allowing multicurrency invoices to be included.

Currently, the payment selection process only allows vouchers issued in the batch currency to be selected and added to the check run. If the user wants to add foreign currency vouchers, he/she needs to use the Edit Checks window to add such vouchers. It would be nice to be able to have an option to include functional currency vouchers in the case of a foreign currency batch, or foreign currency vouchers in the case of a functional currency batch.

This is the use case:

Vendor A Invoice 1 CA$10.00
Vendor A Invoice 2 US$20.00
Vendor A Invoice 3 US$30.00

If a payment selection is performed and the batch currency is CA$, only the first voucher will be selected. To add Invoice 2 and 3, you would have to use the Edit Checks window to include both vouchers.

Conversely, if the batch currency is US$ and the payment selection for vendor A is performed, only invoices 2 and 3 would be selected and you would have to use the Edit Checks window to include Invoice 1.

What Mariano would like to see is all invoices selected (based on selection rules) and let the user deal with the exceptions, as it should be.

As mentioned, all the logic is already there via the Edit Checks window and it would be nice to incorporate as part of the payment selection process. As others have mentioned, having multicurrency vouchers included could be a payables configuration item or simply an additional option in the Select Payments (Select Checks) window.

Mark Polino has also suggested that this functionality be optioned with Rod O’Connor further suggesting the option be on the Select Checks window itself to allow maximum flexibility. Both of these seem like a good addition to Mariano’s idea.

The suggestion can be voted on here.

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Fixing Reports Not Implemented Error After Upgrade

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Microsoft Dynamics GPWe’ve been doing a number of upgrades recently and I encountered an old error when trying to deploy the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Excel Reports through the Reporting Tools Setup window (Administration >> Setup >> System >> Reporting Tools).

This particular client is being upgraded from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 to 2016 R2.

The problem is that some of the companies are showing as Not implemented. The companies showing this way are the oldest; TEST2016… is actually the main company renamed for testing.

Reporting Tools Setup

Continue reading → Fixing Reports Not Implemented Error After Upgrade

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Historical Excel Reporting Price Increase Coming

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Microsoft Dynamics GPMark Polino has a set of Historical Excel Reports available for sale. The reports available are as follows:

  • Receivables Management Historical Aged Trial Balance
  • Payables Management Historical Aged Trial Balance
  • Historical Inventory Trial Balance
  • Historic Stock Status Report

Now is the ideal time to buy them, as the price is increasing on 1st April 2017.

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The Microsoft Dynamics GP Directory

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Microsoft Dynamics GPI’ve just found a page on CustomerSource called the Microsoft Dynamics GP Directory and it looks like it has been in existence for quite a while as it has links to information on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 through to 2016 R2.

The links include Top Reasons to Buy Microsoft Dynamics GP, Top Reasons to Upgrade as well as links to the Feature Blog Series, System Requirements, Service Pack, Hotfix and Compliance Update Patch Releases and much more.

I got to the page from the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog post on the which I got to through David Musgraves post on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 New Features .

Just shows it is worth reading around the blogs on Dynamics GP.

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VBA Not Initialized Error

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Microsoft Dynamics GPI seem to have spent a lot of time over the last few months building demo machines; I’m not sure I have, but it seems that way with the rapid release schedule that Microsoft Dynamics GP was on.

I’ve seen the below error message a few times when trying to import VBA customisations and have had to do an investigation each time as to what the problem was, before realising it was exactly the same problem again:

Microsoft Dynamics GP: VBA cannot be initialized. Cannot import this package because it contains VBA components.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

VBA cannot be initialized. Cannot import this package because it contains VBA components.

This post, is in an attempt to remind myself of what the error is without having to investigate.

The issue each time has been that the registration keys for Microsoft Dynamics GP have not been entered; VBA customisations cannot be imported if the Customisation Site Licence is not registered.

Once the keys are entered, the error goes away and the VBA customisations can be imported without further issue.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow 2.0 Second Edition Now Available

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Microsoft Dynamics GPMy sixth book is now available to buy in eBook format from azurecurve Publishing.

This is an update to the original Workflow 2.0 book I wrote a couple of years ago. This edition includes coverage of the new functionality introduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, a new chapter on adding table joins to workflow to allow additional conditions to be created, and some chapters and sections have been rewritten to either expand or make clearer the topics being covered.

Dynamics GP includes a variety of tools and modules to assist in controlling processes and data; one of the major modules for this was the Dynamics Workflow module. However, this module had major flaws which very much limited its usefulness; it was slow, clunky and difficult to install, configure and maintain.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Workflow 2.0 Second Edition

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