Hands On With MDGP 2018 RTM New Features: Series Index

Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics GP 2018 RTM has now been released and I have been taking a Hands On look at the installation and configuration of the new version.

I am now going to take a hands on look at the new and enhanced features introduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Rather than do this as a continuation of the Hands On series I have been working on, as originally intended, I am going to split it out into this separate Hands On With the new features series.

The series index is below, and will automatically update as each post goes live.

Hands On With MDGP 2018 RTM New Features
DocAttach Available on More Windows
DocAttach Security Setup
New DocAttachs Available Via Inquiry Windows
New Workflows
Workflow Additional Fields
New Workflow Functionality - Reminder Emails
New Workflow Functionality - Copy Workflow Steps
New Workflow Functionality - Reporting for Workflow
Rename Payment Run Windows

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