Hands On With the GP Power Tools: Installing the GP Power Tools

Winthrop DCWith a licence for GP Power Tools we can now download it. Versions are available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, 2013, 2015 and 2016 so make sure you select the correct version.

Once you’ve downloaded the installer, you need to install GP Power Tools on every machine with the Microsoft Dynamics GP client installed.

Do this, by running the installer and clicking Next on the Welcome step:

GP Power Tools: Welcome

On the License Agreement step mark the I accept the terms of the license agreement checkbox and click Next:

GP Power Tools: License Agreement

Confirm the desintation folder of the install; this should be the installation folder of the Microsoft Dynamics GP client. Click Next to proceed:

GP Power Tools: Destination Folders for GP Power Tools

Confirm your selections and click Next:

GP Power Tools: Ready to Install

Once the installation is complete, click Next:

GP Power Tools: Installation Complete

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