Management Reporter Incorrect Figures Caused By Lower Case

Microsoft Dynamics GPA client reported a problem with Management Reporter returning incorrect figures when a link to the Financial Dimensions on the Row Definition had been entered in lower case.

The reports in question had been created in FRx which was rather more forgiving that Management Reporter is for these things. The client had quite a large number of reports which may, or may not, have had segments entered in lower case so the client didn;t want to have to check and update manually.

I again delved into the Management Reporter SQL database and updated the ControlRowCriteria table to capitalise the Low and High values of the link to financial dimensions using the script below:

UPDATE    ControlRowCriteria SET    Low = UPPER(Low) WHERE    LEN(Low) > 0 GO

UPDATE    ControlRowCriteria SET    High = UPPER(High) WHERE    LEN(High) > 0 GO

Once the update had been run, the client checked their reports and confirmed that they were now returning the correct figures.

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2 thoughts on “Management Reporter Incorrect Figures Caused By Lower Case

  1. Marc K says:

    I’m surprised. I would have expected the migration wizard to catch something like this.

    1. Ian Grieve Ian Grieve says:

      I checked in FRx and they migrated as they were entered. It would be nice if the Migration Wizard had done something about them, but we’ve discussed the issues with that before.

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