RDP Error Installing Management Reporter 2012

I was trying to install Management Reporter 2012 the other day and received an error message I’ve not seen before;

Windows Installer - The Windows Installer does not permit installation from a Remote Desktop ConnectionWindows Installer – The Windows Installter does not permit installation from a Remote Desktop Connection

I’ve installed Dynamics GP and related products any number of times using RDP to log onto the server without seeing this error.

Well, as a first step to resolving the problem I disconnected the RDP session and logged back on using the /admin switch to log onto the console and tried again, but got the same error.

I took a few minutes to think things through and then realised that I had Windows Explorer open and mapped across to a UNC share on another server and had run the installer from there.

I copied the installer locally and tried again. This time it ran through without any problems and I was able to successfully install Management Reporter.

A bit like making sure I run installers with the Run as Administartor option, I need to make sure the installers are local to the machine on which I am installing them.

Ian Grieve

About Ian Grieve

Ian is a Microsoft Dynamics GP certified consultant specialising in the delivery of Microsoft Dynamics GP projects and currently working for Perfect Image Ltd., a Microsoft Partner and VAR in the North East of England. Ian has worked with Microsoft Dynamics GP since 2003 and, over the nine years since, has dealt with all aspects of the product life-cycle from presales, to implementation, to technical and functional training, to post go-live support and subsequent upgrades and process reviews. In his spare time, Ian runs the azurecurve | Ramblings of a Dynamics GP Consultant blog dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics GP and related products.
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