Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 RTM Hyper-V Demonstration Image Sets Now Available For Download

Pam Misialek on the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog, announced that the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 RTM Hyper-V Demonstration Image Sets are now available for partners to download from PartnerSource (login required).

These image sets are the full RTM versions of the software and contain the following:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 RTM with Web Client deployed
  • Management Reporter 2012 with Web Viewer deployed
  • Office 2013 with demo dashboards installed

It is a set of three Hyper-V images which needs both A and B to be up and running with a minimum of 2GB RAM assigned to each (although as with all VMs the more RAM they have the quicker they will run) and need to be able to ping each other (the 2010 R2 instructions, on the download page, detail how to do this). Image C is only required if Lync is being demonstrated.

The full post from Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP contains extended information and warnings of minor issues with the images to watch out for.

How To Install Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 – How To Create A Company

The Microsoft Dynamics GP sample company, which I showed how to install in the last post, is good for doing a demo or for testing, but in the real world most sites will never deploy the sample company. Instead their efforts will be focused on creating a company to host their own data, which is what we’re going to take a look at in this post.

New companies are created using GP Utilities (Windows Start menu >> All Programs >> Microsoft Dynamics >> GP 2013 >> GP Utilities) and login using the sa password;

Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities

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