Update Debtor Addresses From CSV To Work Around An Integration Manager Bug

Microsoft Dynamics GPEarlier this week I posted about a bug in Integration Manager where it added extra zeros into the phone and fax number fields when importing creditors. Well, the same bug also affects debtors but a similar script to update debtors via a CSV is also possible.

The following script is basically the same script I used for creditors with the table and column names changed where necessary;


BULK INSERT    #NewDebtorAddressMaster FROM    'c:\temp\debtors.csv' WITH    (FIELDTERMINATOR = ','    ,ROWTERMINATOR = '\n') GO

UPDATE    ['RM Address Master'] SET    PHONE1 = Left(#NewDebtorAddressMaster.PHONE1, 14)    ,PHONE2 = Left(#NewDebtorAddressMaster.PHONE2, 14)    ,PHONE3 = Left(#NewDebtorAddressMaster.PHONE3, 14)    ,FAX = Left(#NewDebtorAddressMaster.FAX, 14) FROM    RM00102 AS ['RM Address Master'] INNER JOIN    #NewDebtorAddressMaster       ON #NewDebtorAddressMaster.CUSTNMBR = ['RM Address Master'].CUSTNMBR          AND #NewDebtorAddressMaster.ADRSCODE = ['RM Address Master'].ADRSCODE

UPDATE    ['RM Debtor Master'] SET    PHONE1 = LEFT(['RM Address Master'].PHONE1, 14)    ,PHONE2 = LEFT(['RM Address Master'].PHONE2, 14)    ,PHONE3 = LEFT(['RM Address Master'].PHONE3, 14)    ,FAX = LEFT(['RM Address Master'].FAX, 14) FROM    RM00101 AS ['RM Debtor Master'] INNER JOIN    RM00102 AS ['RM Address Master']       ON ['RM Address Master'].CUSTNMBR = ['RM Debtor Master'].CUSTNMBR          AND ['RM Address Master'].ADRSCODE = ['RM Debtor Master'].ADRSCODE

DROP TABLE #NewDebtorAddressMaster

If you use this script then, as always when running a script, please make sure you have a good backup of your company database (I define a good backup as one you have restored to ensure it backed up correctly) and know what you are doing in Management Studio with SQL Statements.

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