Transferring Opera SpeedDial and Bookmarks Between Computers

You’ve probably noticed in the past that I sometimes use this blog as a repository for information I want to keep available to myself (unfortunately, my memory is not sufficient).

This post, I’m afraid, is for this very purpose and will likely only be useful to myself and the 1% of people in the world who use the Opera web browser.

Whenever I set up a new machine I load Opera and then spend an age transferring bookmarks across by exporting and importing them and setting up the SpeedDial. There is an easier way, however, and that is to simply copy speeddial.ini and bookmarks.adr from %appdata%\Opera\Opera on one machine to the other.

10 comments on “Transferring Opera SpeedDial and Bookmarks Between Computers

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  2. Opera User on said:

    Not sure this is the 1% I wanted to belong to – but thanks for the post, it just saved me about half an hour of cutting and pasting.

  3. Ian I am having a hard time finding the speeddial.ini file and the bookmark file

  4. I need to do a speed dial back up in Opera 19… Can you help me?

    • I’ve never tried it in Opera 19; I’ve been avoiding the Chrome builds as I don’t like the removal of all the features.

      I do have it installed on a test machine so I’ll have a look tonight when I get home and see what I can find.

      • Thanks for your help. I’m using Opera 19 since two months ago, because my computer only has 1.5 G in RAM and Chrome was killing it! Do you think that it’s better Opera 12 to resolve my problem?

        • Hi Cris,

          I’ve been trying to locate the speeddial settings file for the later versions of Opera, but have been unable to do so.

          Opera 19 is based of Chrome; I would recommend Opera 12 as it has far more functionality and is not based on Chrome.

          I use it regularly on an old Atom based Netbook with 1GB of RAM and have no issues with it. Downside of Opera 12 is that it will be killer by Opera and probably sooner than later.


    • Cris,

      Just found the file. It appears to be favorites.db in %AppData%\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera.

      I can’t edit to see contents, but renaming it makes the speeddial blank; changing name back again and the speeddial again has entries.



      • Hi, Ian!
        Thanks again… I’m gonna use Opera 12 until they decide to kill it. I hope my Acer One running better.
        Have a nice 2014!

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