Check Remittance Vendor Address VBA Workaround

Microsoft Dynamics GPFollowing on from yesterdays post about the Undefined Symbol error, where I discovered that Microsoft have removed the link from the check remittance tables to PM Creditor Master, I thought it might be useful to post the VBA workaround used to get the creditor address.

The first step was to create five Calculated Fields on the Check Remittance report; for simplicity I named them CreditorAddress1 through CreditorAddress5. No separate field for Post (Zip) Code was created as addresses can be of all different lengths and I like to output tidy addresses where I can.

Once the fields were created and added to the report, in the Remittance Header section, they were selected and made available to Visual Basic.

Moving to the Visual Basic Editor there are several elements which needed to be created;

1. In the declarations at the top we add a declaration for the ADODB Connection;

Private madoConn As ADODB.Connection

2. In Report_Start we create the ADO Connection and set the DefaultDatabase to use (doing i there means it is only done once for the entire chech remittance process);

Private Sub Report_Start()     Set madoConn = UserInfoGet.CreateADOConnection     madoConn.DefaultDatabase = UserInfoGet.IntercompanyID End Sub

3. In Report_End we close the ADO connection;

Private Sub Report_End()     If madoConn.State = adStateOpen Then madoConn.Close     Set madoConn = Nothing End Sub

4. The creditor address fields are part of the remittance header, so we need to add the code to get the data in Report_BeforeAH. In this subroutine there are calls to two other subroutines; mGetVendorAddressCode, which determines the address code being used for remittances, and mSetCreditorAddressFieldValues, which does the select using the Vendor ID and Vendor Address Code to get the address fields;

Private Sub Report_BeforeAH(ByVal Level As Integer, SuppressBand As Boolean)     Dim adoRS As ADODB.Recordset     Dim strVendorID As String     Dim strVendorAddrCode As String       strVendorID = Trim(VendorID.Value)     strVendorAddrCode = mGetVendorAddressCode(strVendorID)       If Len(strVendorAddrCode) > 0 Then        mSetCreditorAddressFieldValues strVendorID, strVendorAddrCode     End If   End Sub   Private Function mGetVendorAddressCode(TheVendorID As String) As String     Dim adoRS As ADODB.Recordset       Set adoRS = New ADODB.Recordset       adoRS.Open _     "SELECT " & _     " VADDCDPR, " & _     " VADCDTRO " & _     "FROM " & _     " PM00200 " & _     "WHERE " & _     " VENDORID = '" & Replace(TheVendorID, "'", "''") & "'", _     madoConn       If adoRS.State = adStateOpen Then        If Not (adoRS.BOF Or adoRS.EOF) Then           If Len(Trim(adoRS.Fields("VADCDTRO").Value)) > 0 Then              mGetVendorAddressCode = Trim(adoRS.Fields("VADCDTRO").Value)           Else              mGetVendorAddressCode = Trim(adoRS.Fields("VADDCDPR").Value)           End If        End If        adoRS.Close     End If       Set adoRS = Nothing End Function   Private Sub mSetCreditorAddressFieldValues(TheVendorID As String, TheAddressCode As String)     Dim adoRS As ADODB.Recordset     Dim intAddressIndex As Integer     Dim objFld As ADODB.Field       Set adoRS = New ADODB.Recordset       adoRS.Open _        "SELECT " & _           " RTRIM(ADDRESS1) AS ADDRESS1, " & _           " RTRIM(ADDRESS2) AS ADDRESS2, " & _           " RTRIM(ADDRESS3) AS ADDRESS3, " & _           " RTRIM(CITY) AS CITY, " & _           " RTRIM(STATE) AS STATE, " & _           " RTRIM(ZIPCODE) AS ZIPCODE " & _        "FROM " & _           " PM00300 (nolock) " & _        "WHERE " & _           " VENDORID = '" & Replace(TheVendorID, "'", "''") & "' " & _           " AND ADRSCODE = '" & Replace(TheAddressCode, "'", "''") & "' ", _        madoConn       intAddressIndex = 1       If adoRS.State = adStateOpen Then        If Not (adoRS.BOF Or adoRS.EOF) Then           For Each objFld In adoRS.Fields              If LenB(objFld.Value) > 0 Then                 CallByName(Me, "CreditorAddress" & intAddressIndex, VbGet).Value = objFld.Value                 intAddressIndex = intAddressIndex + 1                 If intAddressIndex = 6 Then Exit For              End If           Next           If intAddressIndex = 6 And LenB(adoRS.Fields("ZIPCODE").Value) > 0 Then              CreditorAddress5 = CreditorAddress5 & ", " & adoRS.Fields("ZIPCODE").Value           End If        End If        adoRS.Close     End If       Set adoRS = Nothing End Sub

The mSetCreditorAddressFieldValues subroutine sets the address fields; if all six fields have been filled in the Zip Code is concatenated with the State field so the address only occupies five lines (this keeps it small enough that it is all visible through the window in the envelope).

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